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Ramani Huria: The Atlas of Flood Resilience in Dar es Salaam

World Bank
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Dar Ramani Huria (Swahili for Dar open map), is a community-based mapping project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that builds flood resilience in communities across the city. This project has trained teams of local university students and community members from throughout Dar es Salaam to create highly detailed local area maps of the most flood-prone areas of the city. The maps have been combined with InaSAFe, a free software that enables users to run realistic natural disaster scenarios for better planning and response.

Every year during the rainy season, Dar es Salaam is prone to suffering from devastating floods that wipe out roads and take out houses, resulting in a risk to life and infrastructure alike. By collaborating with communities to map residential areas, roads, streams, floodplains, and other relevant features, Ramani Huria is stimulating greater awareness and engagement in disaster prevention.