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South Sudan: Weekly Cholera Response as Week 15 - 2018

South Sudan
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Cholera inter-season: In 2018 still no reported cholera cases as per week 14 after the end of the outbreak declaration. In 2016/2017 a total of 20,438 cholera cases with 436 deaths (CFR=2.13%) were reported during 85 weeks of outbreak started on June 2016.

Cross border collaboration: A first cholera cross-border meeting between Uganda and South Sudan was held on 28th Feb - 1st March 2018 in Gulu following the regional hotspot study and evidence of linkages with movements of population. A main output of the meeting was the WhatsApp group established within bed, MoH DstnctaCounDes officers. Thanks to a strong polecat the collaboratIon nih continue between the two countries as well as to expand with DRC.