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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Floods and Cholera in Kinshasa Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) Update n° 1 (DREF n° MDRCD024)

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

The DREF operation initially targeted 9 communes of Kinshasa affected by flooding and cholera, namely Galiema, Bandalungwa, Selembao, Masina, Limete, Kalamu, Bumbu, Kimbaseke and Ndjili.

During the first two-months of the implementation, 14 new cases of cholera were notified in 7 new communes of Kinshasa, including Maluku II, Kokolo, Nsele, Badara, Kasavubu, Kinshasa (Kisoke 40 street) and Kinsenso, with at least 1 cholera case registered in each of these communes. While the distribution of relief items to the initially planned families, including kitchen sets and sanitation kits and community surveillance and awareness activities have already taken place, there is a need to intensify cholera response activities in these newly affected communes. The number of people targeted now extends to the entire populations of the 6 new cholera affected communes, estimated at about 1 939 843 people who will purely be targeted with sensitisation activities. The actual number of people reached will be provided in subsequent updates and reports on this operation.

Given the changing cholera situation, this Operation Update seeks one (1) month timeframe extension (new end date: 22 May 2018) to carry out the minimum response activities planned in the new communes, including the training of 60 new volunteers (10 in each commune) and 6 supervisors (1 in each commune) on sensitization, sanitation and distribution techniques, provision of sanitation materials (racks with handles, wheelbarrows, soap, bleach, 15-litre sprayers, shovels with handles, 25-litre plastic buckets, boots, gloves, mufflers, and megaphones), and sanitation activities. These volunteers will conduct cholera sensitisation and prevention in the various communes affected. An RDRT with strong WASH background is also needed to support the implementation of these additional activities, especially to facilitate the training and the sensitisation campaign. The new operational strategy implies new costs that were not anticipated in the original DREF plan.