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UNMEE expresses concern about firing incident between Eritrea and Ethiopia

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On 26 December, 2007 at 3:30 hours, the Indian Battalion (Indbatt) Post and UN Military Observer Team Site located at Tsorena inside the Temporary Security Zone, Eritrea, heard firing sounds in the general direction of Gergera, southeast of Tsorena in the border area.

The Team Site and Indbatt post patrol could not go to the scene due to permanent restriction access to the area. UNMEE has been in contact with both parties - Eritrea and Ethiopia regarding the incident and both parties have recognised that the incident has occurred.

The Force is in the process of investigating the incident.

UNMEE expresses concern about this firing incident between Ethiopia and Eritrea and is calling on both parties to show maximum restraint in accordance with the UN Secretary General's statement of 11 October 2007, urging both parties to "exercise utmost restraint, maintain their commitment to the Algiers Agreements."

For additional information contact Musi Khumalo, Deputy Chief: Public Information Office:

Addis Ababa, phone: 251-1-726895 Ext 7059;
Asmara, phone: 291-1-151908 Ext 6144