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QC Rehabilitates Thousands of Floods and Cyclones Victims in Somalia

Qatar Charity
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QC Launches Early Recovery Programs in Somalia

QC Rehabilitates Natural Disasters Victims in Somalia

Qatar Charity Office in Somalia rehabilitated many thousands of the floods and cyclones victims through its early recovery programs, contributing to the restoration of basic services and environment and social life, providing livelihoods and shelter, and reintegrating displaced populations.
The QC’s Somali Office greatly supported victims of floods that hit the Middle Shabelle region and as well as those affected by cyclones that swept across the Puntland region in order to rehabilitate them through its early recovery projects, which are considered as the bridge between the emergency relief and the sustainable development.

Education and health

Qatar Charity managed to rehabilitate 3 schools, equipped with study tools, materials and aids and reconstructed 4 health centers, supported with the required health equipment, which benefited 92,776 persons affected by floods hit the Middle Shabelle region in 2013 and 2014.

In the Field of Agriculture

Aiming to empower agricultural families to benefit from the river water permanently, Qatar Charity provided 10 irrigation generators to small-scale farmers in the Middle Shabelle region, rehabilitated 10 km of irrigation canals and supported 250 agricultural families, giving them agricultural seeds and manual tillage tools, which helped them reclaimed 250 hectares of the farmland.

Economic Empowerment

Qatar Charity also distributed 150 dairy cattle to 150 agricultural pastoral families and 750 goats to 150 pastoral families, aiming to economically empower them to start a decent life again as well as it helped 58 families by providing them with income-generating projects, which include 20 shops, 20 vehicles to transport goods and water and 18 sesame mills.

QC office in Somalia rehabilitated 7 artesian wells, increased the depth of wells and repaired the associated facilities such as water supply pipes, generators and electric pumps in addition to the construction and rehabilitation of reservoirs and ponds for watering animals.

Important Outputs

Qatar Charity also implemented its Early Recovery Project in the Puntland region to benefit as many as 86,275 persons affected by the hurricane and the tropical storm in the beginning of 2014.

Qatar Charity provided 6000 livestock to 300 families and gave 25 fishing boats to 100 families, aiming to economically empower them through providing them with the sources of income.

Qatar Charity also supported 4 mobile health clinics operating for 5 months to help affected families with access to basic health services and to raise health awareness in rural communities in addition to rehabilitation of 2 clinics damaged by the cyclone in Puntland.

Furthermore,10 artesian wells have been rehabilitated to benefit pastoral and Bedouin families and two schools have been reconstruction by Qatar Charity.

It is worth to mention that cyclones and foods hit Somalia in 2013 and 2014 claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed a large number of homes, service centers, roads, schools and health centers, causing displacement of thousands of people.

Families, ranging from 4000 to 5000, have lost 60 to 70 percent of their livestock due to the cyclones that hit the Puntland region, while the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that about 300,000 livestock have been lost in the affected areas.