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Global Emergency Overview Weekly Picks, 23 January 2018

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The security and humanitarian situation in Kinshasa province continues to deteriorate. On 21 January anti-Kabila demonstrations in the capital resulted in 6 deaths, 65 injured, and some 250 people were arrested.

Cholera cases continue to rise in the province following heavy rainfall since early January: 346 cases and 11 deaths were reported in the two first weeks of 2018.

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South Sudan

Severe food insecurity continues to affect South Sudan, and is expected to deteriorate further in 2018. Among the areas of greatest concern are Wau (Western Bahr el Ghazal), Leer (Unity), as well as Ayod and Nyirol (Jonglei), where some households are likely to continue to face IPC Phase 5. Although harvests are ongoing, food prices are likely to start increasing in January and February, further reducing household purchasing power.

Conflict is a key driver of food insecurity: in Lakes, Jonglei, and Unity states, increased fighting between October and December impacted livelihoods, destroyed crops, and disrupted access to markets, fields, and humanitarian assistance.

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Updated: 23/01/2018

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