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Multimillion-dollar drainage and irrigation projects for Mocha and Ithaca

Govt. Guyana
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Residents and farmers of Mocha on the East Bank of Demerara and Ithaca, West Coast Berbice are soon to benefit from drainage and irrigation works aimed at reducing flooding and improving access to lands situated aback the communities.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a December 29, Post Cabinet Media brief said the projects will cost a total $338,883 Million.

“For construction of drains, canals, access dams and hydraulic structures at Mocha Region Four, the Ministry of Agriculture contract in the sum of $182,509,000 awarded to Rupan Ramotar investment. For construction of drains, canals, dams and hydraulic structures at Ithaca, West Berbice Region Five, the Ministry of Agriculture, a contract in the sum of $148,374,000 contract was awarded to H. Nauth and Sons,” Minister Harmon said.

In addition, Minister Harmon said when completed the projects will help to reduce unemployment among the residents of the two communities

“The objective of these two projects at Mocha and Ithaca is to improve the drainage systems and access to the backlands of these two communities; to increase their productivity and competitiveness while promoting employment and entrepreneurship in these communities. It will also lead to increased revenue for farmers who have access to great amounts of lands that are irrigated,” the Minister of State added.

Works on the two projects are expected begin within a fortnight and be completed within the first half of this year. They form part of the Project which is being funded by a combination of loan and grants from the Caribbean Development Bank.

By: Kidackie Amsterdam