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UNMEE MACC monthly update: Jul 2007

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The Integrated Demining teams continue the clearance operations at the Egri Mekel minefield within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). The Route Clearance Team (RCT) deployed to Tserona in Sector Centre, within the TSZ. From 01 July to 31 July 2007, both teams cleared a total area of 152,333 sq.m. The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Badme in Sector West where they verified 247 km of roads, during this deployment.

The MACC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team based in Eritrea carried out EOD activities in Tserona, Sector Centre. A total of 27 Anti-Tank (AT) mines and 10 UXO items were destroyed during this reporting period.

The wet weather conditions and flooding due to the heavy rains, has a direct impact not only on the clearance activities but also presents an additional threat to local civilians and other personnel traveling in the field, particularly when crossing rivers.

The UNMEE MACC released on information circular to advice UN personnel on the precautions staff members should exercise while driving in the field, This information circular is reiterated on the following page of this Monthly Update.

Mine Risk Education

The two MRE Teams maintained their MRE briefings in both Sector Centre and Sector West. During the course of this month, one team carried out MRE with the communities of Shilalo, Adi-Tsetser, Habela, Dembe-Duma, Adi-Maelel and Tselale in SW whilst the second team in Adi Quala with the communities residing in Bet Gebriel, Adi Abreham, Adebaresom, Enda-Giorgis, Adi-Sebo, Kisad-Eka, Geza-Hamele, Medfia-Walta and Geza-Medebay in SC. A total of 1309 local civilians affected by mines mines and explosive remnants of war participated in the scheduled MRE activities.

In addition to the MRE activities, MRE team reported 27 different items of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), including mortars, hand-grenades, fuse and an airdropped bomb. These ERWs were encountered in May-Alba, Adi-Baresom, Dembe-Duma and Kisad- Eka villages, Adi Quala Sub Zone and will be for future EOD action.

The MACC Force Mine Action Centre (FMAC) in Asmara continues to conduct regular MRE briefings to UNMEE PKF members, other civilian and military personnel as requested. During the month of July, 06 UN Military Observers, 04 Military Staff Officers and 02 UNMEE civilian staff members, in addition to 04 UNICEF and a UNDP staff member, benefited from the MRE briefings.