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Forest fires in The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1): EADRCC situation report no. 6

Macédoine du Nord
Date de publication

Message N=BA. : OPS(EADRCC)(2007)0040

Dtg: 1 AUG 2007, 13:00 UTC

From: Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre

To: Points of Contact for International Disaster Response in NATO and Partner Countries

Precedence: Priority

Originator: Duty Officer Tel: +32-2-707.2670

Approved by: Head EADRCC Tel: +32-2-707.2673

References: Request for Assistance, OPS(EADRCC)(2007)0022

This report consists of: -3- pages

1. The Authorities of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) (Crisis Management Centre) have provided the following situation update:

1.1. Most of the fires are put under control. However, the declared crisis situation is still valid. The aerial fire fighting interventions are carried out continuously with 5 helicopters engaged. The number of active fires is changing on a daily basis. There are still active fires burning in locations of: Skopje (Jasen); Makedonski Brod (v.Belica, Patiska Reka); Veles (Gorna Jakupica, Gorno and Dolno Jabolciste) Kicevo (v. Tuin); Kocani (v. Dulica, v. Bezikovo). The situation is getting better but still remains serious because of dry weather conditions and persisting high temperatures.

1.2. The authorities of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1has confirmed that some old grenades from World War I exploded due to intensive fires in mountainous areas. The detonations did not cause any injures or casualties.

2. Further needs for international assistance:

2.1. There is still a need for additional fire fighting equipment and aerial fire fighting capacities.

3. Point of Entry: Alexander the Great airport near Skopje in Petrovec.


(1) Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.