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Niger – Meningitis Epidemic (DG ECHO, NGOs, Government) (ECHO Daily Flash of 13 December 2017)

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  • Since the beginning of December 2017, an estimated 40 suspected cases of meningitis, including one death, have been registered in Niger. Most of the cases are recorded in the districts of Mirriah, Bouza and Magaria (Zinder region, bordering Nigeria). The outbreak occurs very early compared to previous years, which raises concerns that it could expand and affect a high number of people.

  • The government officially declared an epidemic on 12 December and has delivered 40 000 vaccines to the most affected areas. International aid organisations are supporting the Ministry of Health to provide an immediate response for control and treatment.

  • During the last outbreak in early 2017, 3 380 people were affected and 216 died.