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UNMEE MACC monthly update: Jun 2007

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The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC) composed of the Manual Demining Dogs, Bozena, Tapir and the Manual Clearance Team continue to operate in Tserona, Sector Centre to clear Egri Mekel minefield. The Route Clearance Team (RCT) also con-tinue to work in Badme, Tserona and Senafe area in Sector Centre, within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). Both teams cleared 102.4 kms of road and an area of 182,320 sq.m. The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Sector West in Hu-mera, Badme and Shiraro area where they verified an area of 268.5 km, during this deployment.

The MACC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team deployed to Tserona and Adi Quala in Sector Centre. The team destroyed a total of 18 UXOs and carried out bulk demolitions in the Egri Mekel permanent demolition site. During the deployment, the team visited Enda Giorgish, Adi Begio, Adi Ko-toyo, May Mecekat, Ksad Ika, and Sememo villages. The team destroyed, 2 x Aircraft Bombs, 1 x POMZ 2 Mine, 1 x PG 7, 8 x 82 mm mortar, 1 x 120 mm Art Shell, 1x 76 mm art shell, 323 x flares, 2 x FFE aircraft bomb, 2 x RGK-3 anti-tank hand grenades, 1x F1 hand grenade and 26 x hand grenades.

Mine Risk Education

The two MRE Teams continue to conduct MRE briefings in Sector Centre and Sector West.

During the course of this month, one team carried out MRE in Sub Zone of Shambiquo, Adi-Tsetser and Shilalo in SW whilst the second team in Adi Quala and Tserona, Digdigta, Kudo-Humbasha and Adi-Mekeda in SC. A total of 2,126 of local civilians affected by mines and explosive remnants of war participated in the MRE activities.

In addition to the MRE activities, Team 2 reported 4 items (1 x AT, 1 x F1 and 2 x Mortar) of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in Sector Centre for EOD future action.

The MACC Force Mine Action Centre (FMAC) in As-mara conducted MRE briefings to 47 UNMEE contingent personnel, 04 military staff officers, 06 military observers and 03 UNMEE civilian staff members.

Sector Centre (SC)

The Quality Assurance (QA) Team inspected the ac-tivities undertaken by MECHEM to ascertain it met the required external Quality Assurance criteria. The team also checked 10% of all work done by the MDD's and manual deminers.

Sector West (SW)

The Kenyan Deming MDD Team deployed to Shilalo in Sector West on 21 June 2007 where they remain to present date. The MECHEM MDD Trainer prepared the training program for six Kenyan Demining Dog handlers, and supervised the MDD refresher training.