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Floods a costly problem: Santa Catarina flood map - 1 in 100 years return period

World Bank
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This document outlines a study that combined an investigation of the historical patterns of natural hazards (and its effects) in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a catastrophe flood risk model to deliver a state-level knowledge base for disaster risk management (DRM) planning. Flood maps can be used in combination with georeferenced datasets of assets of different types, such as road networks, production plants, public infrastructure, and real estate.

This document also describes a forward-looking approach for the design and update of a disaster risk management (DRM) strategy based on the following pillars of action: (i) risk identification, (ii) risk reduction, (iii) preparedness, (iv) financial protection, and (v) resilient recovery.

Santa Catarina is exposed to recurrent disaster events, among which floods play a major role. The economic effects of such events as indicated by a historical data base which shows that damage and losses are significant and, at the same time, the state’s financial response capacity is still limited.