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UNMEE MACC monthly update: May 2007

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The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC), composed of the Mine Detection Dogs (MDD), Manual Clearance and the Mechanical Team continue to work in the Egri Mekel minefield in Tserona, Sector Centre within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). From 01 May to 31 May 2007, the teams cleared a total area of 227,991 sq.m.

The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Humera in Sector West and the Route Clearance Team (RCT) continued the road clearance activities in Badme and Zalambesa in Sector Centre. The RVT verified an area of 696.23 km, whereas the RCT cleared an area of 2,191 km of road during the month of May.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team based in Eritrea deployed to Debaysima, Mussa Ali, Adayatoleezula, Balla, and Lamasen villages in Sub-Sector East, Assab area. The Team also deployed in Tserona, Sector Centre to conduct assessment on the reported UXO's in the villages of Gergera, Haddish Adi, Hasshasso, Tselimkelay and Kunito as well they destroying 606 UXOs and 4 Anti-Tank (AT) mines.

Mine Risk Education The MACC Mine Risk Education (MRE) Teams deployed to Sub Zone of Lalay-Gash in Sector West and Sub Zone of Tserona and Adi Quala in Sector Centre as well as Sub Zone of Debay-Sima in Sector East. The two teams conducted MRE activities with 2441 local civilians from different villages affected by mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) and with varying age groups and gender.

The MRE Team also reported 3 air dropped explosive remnants of war found in May "Checkot" village and 6 items composing of Mortars, Artillery-shells and rockets in Adi-Begio village , Sub Zone of Adi Quala. The EOD team is in the process of disposing on these items.

The MACC Force Mine Action Centre (FMAC) in Asmara carried out MRE briefings to 115 UNMEE PKF members of the Indian Battalion, 12 UN Military Observers, 03 UNMEE Military Staff Officers, 01 UNMEE Civilian Staff from Security Section, 02 UNV Staff Member and 02 UNMEE MACC newly recruited staff members.

Sector Centre (SC) The SC Liaison Officer operating South of the TSZ carried out discussions with the local authorities and the UNMEE personnel deployed in the area. The discussions focused on future mine action activities, including effective and smooth demining, EOD and MRE operations in the area.

Quality Assurance (QA) inspections were conducted on the MECHEM Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) and two Manual Deminers in Tserona, Sector Centre. Accreditation of MDD was held in the new site which was built in accordance with the international Mine Action Standard (IMAS) and the UNMEE MACC Technical Safety Standard (TSS). The MACC conducts periodic evaluations of its clearance and demining activities in order to enhance and improve its productivity.

Sector West (SW) The Kenyan Deming Company received Refresher Training from 14 to 19 May 2007 on Mine Field Marking, Deminers Tool Box Approach during demining operation, overview of MDD and GPM as well as other miscellaneous Demining Operation Techniques.