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Manus Island refugees welcomed to Nauru

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Govt. Nauru
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Nauru's Minister for Multicultural Affairs, David Adeang, has revealed that those refugees who have arrived in Nauru from Manus Island are settling in well.

The comments come just over a week after the first refugees from Manus arrived on Nauru, where they were welcomed by the Acting Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and local service providers.

They were also given a cultural introduction to Nauru which included an island tour, and provided with an overview of the extensive support available.

"One man has been reunited with his wife, which is a heart-warming story," Mr Adeang said.

The Minister also confirmed that Nauru was still an option for those on Manus Island subject to a vetting process, and expressed the Government's continual frustration with the misrepresentation of the Nauru Regional Processing Centres by advocacy groups.

"Refugees on Nauru share our peaceful home, with access to physical, emotional and financial support offered by service providers and also Government agencies that are tasked with promoting the welfare of refugees, asylum seekers and the local community.

"When we read about allegations of human rights abuses on our island, we struggle to understand why such falsities are represented as facts. There is a lack of interest in presenting the truth of Nauru and what Nauru has done to provide refugees and asylum seekers with a peaceful temporary home."

He said refugees were provided security, housing, welfare, medical and health services and education at no cost, and were given finances to cover their living expenses.

"There are hundreds of workers on Nauru purely dedicated to looking after refugees and asylum seekers."

He said the story that is rarely told is how many refugees have assimilated well and appreciate life on Nauru.

"Unfortunately, there are refugees backed by advocates in Australia and other groups who intimidate those refugees who want to share positive stories, because it doesn't suit their agenda, which is to get to Australia."

Mr Adeang said the Government would continue to welcome others from Manus Island and hopes to hear of more uplifting personal stories from those who arrive.