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Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat in East & Horn of Africa, September 2017

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Situation analysis

The search for durable solutions to the protracted displacement situation in the region is a key humanitarian and development concern. This is a regional/ cross border issue, dynamic, with a strong political dimension, and which demands a multi-sectorial response that goes beyond the existing humanitarian agenda.

Currently, more than 8 million people are internally displaced and a further 4.4 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Although most have been displaced for several years or even decades, few have access to durable solutions’ prospects.

Key messages

• The search for durable solutions requires a multi-sectoral, rights and needs based programming approach addressing physical, material and legal safety

• Political will and longer term investment from development actors are critical in the search of durable solutions for displacement affected communities. The inclusion of displacement and durable solutions issues in regional and national development plans is key for this.

• Direct engagement of displacement affected communities is paramount to make these solutions lasting, locally relevant and feasible. A participatory process is key to support return and (re)integration and to ensure social inclusion.