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UNMEE MACC weekly update: 09 Feb 2007

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The Route Clearance Team (RCT) of the UNMEE MACC continues to verify mine threats in riverbeds, verges of roads and minefields on the roads of Shiraro in Sector West. The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC) teams also continue to work in the minefields of Egri Mekel, Tserona, Sector Center within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). During this week, both teams cleared 49,741m=B2 of land and 11 Kms of road. The IDC and RCT teams will, during the coming weeks, sustain during the minefield clearance activities and route verification tasks in both Sector West and Sector Center.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team based in Eritrea and deployed in Tserona, destroyed 2 UXOs and 3 AT mines. The team also dealt with 17 UXOs and mine reports as well as one AT mine free from explosive. The EOD team leader and technician reviewed the first part of the theoretical aspect of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal technique.

The MACC Medical Training Assistant, MRE and EOD teams conducted a four-day advanced MRE and Travel Safety Training in an integrated manner to 60 ICRC staff members focusing on procedures that need to be performed in assisting victims of mine/ UXO incidents. The Medical Training Assistant is also planning to take place several refreshing First Aid trainings in the near future.

On 25 January 2007, the Humera UNMO team site reported that a civilian truck had hit an anti-tank mine 15 km from Humera in Sector West. This accident caused the death of two civilians and injury of one other. A MACC investigation team investigated the mine incident and reported to MACC HQ in Asmara.

The Kenyan Demining Company deployed to Tsorena and Shillalo to conduct minefield clearance. The team discovered 1 TM 57 anti tank and 1 anti personnel mine during their deployment.