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FAO Project Highlights: Support to the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster in Yemen and emergency assistance to farmers directly affected by Cyclone Chapala in Hadramaut and Shabwah governorates (OSRO/YEM/602/USA)

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Activities implemented:

  • Provided basic farming inputs composed of crop seeds (wheat, sorghum and sesame) and vegetable seeds (onion and tomato) to 4 650 most vulnerable and food insecure households in four affected districts in Hadramaut and Shabwah.
  • Procured and distributed 30 tonnes of sorghum to 1 500 households.
  • Procured and distributed 50 tonnes of wheat seeds and 37.5 tonnes of urea fertilizers to 625 households.
  • Procured and distributed 2 000 cans of 500 g of onion Bafotaim seeds to 1 000 households.
  • Procured and distributed 1 000 cans of 1 000 tomato seeds to 1 000 households.
  • Procured and distributed 10.5 tonnes of sesame seeds to 525 households.
  • Conducted a two-day training on nutrition sensitization for 32 people (16 per training).
  • Conducted three two-day trainings on packing and storing seeds, agricultural crop rotation and application of manure for 80 people.
  • Disseminated leaflets on soil and water conservation techniques.