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IsraAID will send Emergency Response team to Mexico following 7.1 magnitude earthquake

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Mexico: Following Tuesday's (19th September) 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Puebla, Mexico, IsraAID will send an Emergency Response team to Mexico, consisting of psycho-social and water, sanitation and hygiene specialists.

The earthquake struck approximately 140km south-east of Mexico City, just two weeks after the last powerful earthquake hit Mexico. While the final damage is still being assessed by authorities, it is extensive and substantial. The earthquake, the most powerful to strike Mexico since 1985, has killed over 200 people (numbers are still being calculated), caused multiple buildings to collapse and extensively damaged various infrastructures, such as water supplies. Search and Rescue operations to find and recover the missing are in full force.

Voni Glick, Co-CEO of IsraAID said: "The tremor was extremely significant and close to Mexico City, so many people have been affected. Earthquakes are terrifying for anyone in the vicinity, and with shelters filling up, we are sending a team to provide psychosocial post-trauma support and help more remote communities with water, hygiene and sanitation solutions."

The IsraAID team will provide mental health support to vulnerable individuals and communities affected by the earthquake, particularly those evacuated to shelters for an indeterminate time. The Mexican people are still reeling from the impact of the last earthquake, and this newest disaster further compounds the crisis.

In addition, the earthquake is likely to have destroyed key water infrastructures. This damage can affect more isolated communities' access to clean water, and increase the threat of dangerous, waterborne diseases spreading. IsraAID's team will put immediate water, sanitation and hygiene measures in place.

IsraAID's Emergency Management Team is on full alert and continues to monitor the situation for both short and mid-term needs.

About IsraAID: IsraAID is a leading humanitarian non-governmental organization, committed to providing life-saving emergency relief and durable solutions for populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics and post-conflict situations. Since its inception in 2001, IsraAID has become synonymous with a rapid response to humanitarian crises. Its medical teams, search & rescue units, post trauma experts, community specialists and other professionals have led international responses in natural disasters and civil strife around the world. After the initial emergency period, IsraAID shifts to long-term programs, all to accompany communities and governments as they strive to build a better tomorrow. As of 2017, IsraAID has responded to crises in 41 countries and has on-going programs in 14 countries.