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Flood fury in India

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Monsoons haven’t been modest this time. Heavy and incessant rains have led to severe flooding especially in Himalayan region, towards the north-eastern part of country. Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh are reeling under the first spell of severe flooding. Assam is suffering the third deadly spell since July this year. Over 1 crore people have been displaced across these five states alone, with 99 districts hit by floods.

Over 1,221 relief camps/distribution centers are currently operational across these states. In Assam alone, 4.43 lakh are taking refuge across 935 camps set up in the state. In Bihar, approximately 7,310 villages have been hit, and over 422,106 people staying in 1,358 relief camps currently operating in the state. Uttar Pradesh is reeling under the aftermath with over 2.4 million people affected. The families residing in flooded areas of Uttar Pradesh are seen evacuating to higher regions, nearer to national highways, and staying in makeshift arrangements.

The situation in each of these states remains precarious for most families, making them extremely vulnerable. Currently, the rescue missions are underway, but as the water receded the damages are expected to be very high. Especially in case of houses, inundation is expected to cause severe damage to houses.

Continuation of education for many children stands threatened. The risk of spread of vector borne diseases makes the situation further precarious.