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Rwanda: Storm and Heavy Winds Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF MDRRW014 Operation Update n° 2

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This operations update gives insights on the latest activities. In addition, it requests for three week extension to the end of August 2017. This will allow a final joint monitoring mission and a lessons learnt workshop for IFRC and RRCS The budget has remained the same.

A. Situation analysis Description of the disaster

On 1st April 2017 at 3:00 pm, Gatsibo district located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda experienced heavy rainfall associated with heavy storms, which resulted in destruction of houses and community farm lands in Kiramuruzi Sector Nyabisindu Cell. The affected area is located 36 kilometers from Gatsibo District, 40 kilometers from the Eastern Province office and 70 kilometers from the City of Kigali. The preliminary assessment gathered by Rwanda Red Cross staff and volunteers, estimated that 675 people (135 households) were affected by heavy wind and storms. Renewed assessments confirm that the amount of affected remains around 135 households. The last performed assessment in June, showed that households were impacted in the following way:

• Households living in their destroyed houses (with half a roof) (N= 57 households)
• Households that have recovered their houses and are managing (N= 44 households)
• Households that need roofing for latrines (N= 811 households)

Summary of current response

Overview of Host National Society

The Rwanda Red Cross Society (RRCS) has been mobilizing their staff and volunteers to provide immediate assistance from its contingency stocks to the population affected by heavy storms in Gatsibo district, Kiramuruzi Sector. A rapid emergency needs assessment was carried and a follow up assessment has been carried out in the last week of June 2017, in the Gatsibo district, Kiramuruzi Sector. The distribution of Non-Food items (NFIs, including shelter and hygiene related items affected population) has been completed.

There were some delays, but currently latrine construction, health sensitization (PHAST) and mobile cinema is on-going. In addition the final procurements were done for replenishment and final distribution. The final distributions of mosquito nets and kitenge, are lined up to take place by mid August.