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Bulgaria will participate with Druzki Firgate (Daring) in the naval component of UNIFIL in Lebanon

Govt. Bulgaria
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The government decided to propose to the National Assembly to vote on the sending of Druzki frigate with its arms and up to 160 crew members to participate in the naval component of UNIFIL in Lebanon. The mission will cover a period of up to 2 months as of 15 October 2006.

The cabinet's decision is in implementation of UN Security Council/Resolution 1701. The Resolution puts an end to the hostilities between Hizbollah and Israel that resulted in hundreds of deaths and a lot of destruction. It calls upon the international community to support the efforts of the government of Lebanon towards the country's reconstruction, including supply of humanitarian aid and participation in the strengthened UNIFIL contingent in Lebanon.

On 19 August, after a round of consultations among the competent authorities, the Bulgarian government decided to allow the country's participation in the UNIFIL increased troops. Four participation options were discussed, one of them - namely Druzki Fregate's participation in UNIFIL's Navy contingent. On 21 September Druzki Fregate was approved for participation for a term of 2 months. The frigate will patrol Lebanese territorial waters and prevent weapon smuggling.