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A Bulgarian team to be sent to the Spanish field hospital in Afghanistan

Govt. Bulgaria
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A donation of arms and ammunition for the Afghanistan's security forces is also planned

The cabinet decided to send two medical experts - a surgeon and orthopedist from the Military Medical Academy, with a humanitarian mission to Afghanistan.

The two of them will join the eight Bulgarian medics at the Spanish field hospital in Herat. Thus two separate medical teams will be formed, enabling the Bulgarian medics there to work as a national team.

As of now 13 Bulgarian medical experts from the Military Medical Academy have been sent to Afghanistan to join in ISAF operations there. The 5 -- member surgery team (3 military officers and 3 sergeants) has been deployed at the Greek field hospital at Kabul International Airport. Two other surgery teams consisting of 4 military officers and 4 sergeants will work in the Spanish field hospital in Herat.

At today's session, the Council of Ministers gave its consent in principle for the provision of weapon and ammunitions to Afghani national armed forces. the donation was made in response to the demand of Afghanistan's Minister of Defence for support in the equipment of the Afghani armed forces. as a result, NATO bodies reviewed the request and drafted a list of the necessary weapon and ammunitions. The General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces coordinated with NATO the type and amount of the donation and will conclude the agreement with Afghanistan's government.