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Dutch media aims to raise 100 000 euros, meanwhile boosts morale in a Ugandan refugee camp

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Netherlands, September 1, 2006 - For two weeks, hours of interviews of Right To Play coaches and child participants in Uganda, along with Dutch Athlete Amassadors and Right To Play partners and enthusiasts could be seen and heard broadcasting to over 365, 000 people a day in the Netherlands.

Inspired by Right To Play's mission, RTV Rijnmond, the biggest Dutch radio and television channel in Holland committed to promoting Right To Play on their radio and television networks in order to raised 100 000 euros for Right To Play.

The promotion features exerps from their visit to Right To Play projects in Uganda, as well as the promotion of the recent Right To Play fundraising events recently taking place in Holland.

The Right To Play team in Uganda was positively impacted by the visit of the RTV Rijnmond radio and televison crew, who came on a short visit together with Dutch Right To Play Athlete Ambassador, Letitia Vriesde and Rwandan Athlete Ambassador Charles Nkazamyampi. Highlights include:

A visit to a school for visually impaired children

In Kampala, the Dutch Crew see students being lead from activites by the Coaches. After an amazing display of songs, games, goal ball and cricket it was time for the big 100 meter race. All of the children excitedly lined up, and at the sound of the whistle dashed down to the other end laughing and smiling from ear to ear. The final race was between Letitia and Pasco, a young man with only limited vision. Pasco took off like a lightening in bare feet racing down the uneven field. Feeling like a hero among his peers, Pasco wins the race against the Dutch Olympian.

Launch of a new training program for a local cycling team in Kampala

A new training program developed by Right To Play for local cycling teams at LYMPDA (Lubya Youth Manpower Development Agency) was successfully kicked off. Following which, the RTV crew attended a friendly football (soccer) match organized by a dedicated Right To Play Head Coach. To the delight of spectators, a couple members of the media group could not hold back their love for the game and joined right in.

Play days for children and workshops for coaches in Nakivale, Ourchinga, and Mbrara refugee camps

Right To Play Athlete Ambassadors, Charles (Rwanda) and Letitia (Holland) run workshops for Local Right To Play Coaches from the Mbarara area.

The Right To Play team in Nakivale planned for a play day for 600 children in the afternoon, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the activities were rained out. The day however ended on a high as all of the coaches gathered together indoors for some inspiring remarks.

The final morning in Oruchinga began with a beautiful welcome ceremony filled with songs and warm words. Charles and Letitia then joined in the morning Life Safe, Play Safe activities Right To Play's skills-based health education module.

RTV Rijnmond directly impacts Right To Play Uganda

The Kampala Right To Play team reports that prior to the media visit, they had 320 children participating in activities at the LYMPDA learning centre. However, now they have between 460 500 children that are arriving daily, eager to participate in Right To Play activities.

The Nakivale team reports that the visit was a real morale booster for the Task Team in the camp and that the coaches are eager to know when the athletes will be returning to lead another workshop.

The coaches in Oruchinga say that they were happy that they could simply "do their thing", and that so many visitors appreciated their efforts. They were also very excited to see a copy of the annual report, which contains pictures of Johann Olav Koss visiting Oruchinga.