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ACORD Rwanda Programme Overview (Last updated: 21st July 2017)

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Country Priorities

In Rwanda, ACORD’s overarching goal is to engage communities in the construction of a just and equitable society where people coexist in peace and dignity, and become responsible for their own development. The objective is to strengthen the livelihoods of the rural population, in particular marginalised and vulnerable groups, and their capacity in achieving inclusive and sustainable livelihoods through resilient ecosystems, productive employment, and entrepreneurship.

Resilient Livelihoods
- Specific Objective 1: Address the issue of food security through resilient ecosystems, Inclusive Employment and Improved Farmers’ Skills.

Rights and Responsibilities Promotion
- Specific Objective 2: Address the issue of gender inequality and women’s access to land-based economic opportunities and integration of gender justice in the current agricultural and land reforms.
- Specific Objective 3: Address the need to integrate health and nutrition in development work, given the critical issue of correlation between land access, size of family, and poor food consumption.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
- Specific Objective 4: Address the issue of conflicts over land and resources and the incidence of agricultural and land reforms.