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ACORD Uganda Programme Overview (Last updated: 21st July 2017)

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Country Priorities

ACORD in Uganda works in partnership with the poor and the marginalised to change conditions undermining social justice through participatory people-centred practical work, research and advocacy. To this end ACORD is implementing programmes focusing on resilient livelihoods, rights and responsibilities promotion, and peace building and conflict resolution. ACORD also provide life-saving support to Burundian, Congolese, and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

Resilient Livelihoods
- Specific Objective 1: Build sustainable food systems and livelihoods, climate change resilience and natural resource management.

Rights and Responsibilities Promotion
- Specific Objective 2: Contribute to health and well-being and access to universal quality health services.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
- Specific Objective 3: Foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies that are free from fear and violence.