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MERCY Malaysia | The Art of Caring | Annual Report 2014

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MERCY Malaysia
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Our Strategic Commitments


  • Impartiality – We maintain impartiality in the selection of our staff. The selection of our beneficiaries purely is on a needs basis and not based on race, religion and/or political affiliation.
  • Staff Integrity – We maintain a workforce who adhere to high moral and ethical principles.
  • Continuous Improvement – We monitor and evaluate our work in order to improve on our past experiences and provide better humanitarian services as we progress.


  • Complementary Partnership – We aim to work as much as possible with local partners on the field and enhance complimentary factors between both parties. In and beyond the field, we will work with partners who are responsible, transparent and accountable in accordance with our Principles of Partnership.
  • Consultative/Participatory – We consult with our beneficiaries and staff and include their feedback into project plans to ensure holistic results.
  • Ethical Reporting – We maintain the confidentiality of our stakeholders, especially beneficiaries, at all times.
  • Transparency/Information Provision – We are transparent in sharing information of our financial statements, MERCY Malaysia’s constitution, MERCY Malaysia’s Humanitarian Accountability Framework, organisation missions and core values and commitments to all stakeholders.


  • Listening/Responsive – We encourage feedback from our stakeholders through our Complaints Response Mechanism policy and we respond to all feedback. Our responses include evaluating all feedback to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Quality Management/Quality Assurance – We continuously review our work and learn from our mistakes and apply our lessons learnt as we progress.
  • Financial Stewardship – We promote good stewardship of our financial resources and are transparent about our expenditures.
  • Health, Safety and Security – We strive to ensure the physical safety and the emotional well-being of all staff and volunteers, especially in the line of duty.