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UNHCR Somalia Factsheet - May 2017

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46,000 Individuals displaced by the drought

149,327 Drought affected individuals assisted

53,754 Individuals benefited from cash assistance

2,369 Individuals enrolled in community-based projects


  • Response to drought: In May, UNHCR provided assistance to 149,327 individuals affected by the drought: 49,640 individuals were temporarily provided with drinking water ; 48,348 individuals benefited from core relief items (CRIs) ; 41,408 individuals benefited from newly established supply of potable water and improved sanitation and hygiene conditions ; 8,530 individuals benefited with one-time unconditional cash grants ; and 1,401 individuals were reached with gender-based violence (GBV) interventions

  • Drought displacements: In May, UNHCR recorded around 46,000 individuals newly displaced by the drought. Bay and Banadir regions remain the two areas most affected by new arrivals with 4,900 and 9,000 arrivals, respectively, during May. Since November 2016, around 739,000 drought displacements has been recorded, the majority of them arrived to Bay (162,000 individuals) and Banadir regions (160,000 individuals). .