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Pakistan: Food for the Hungry complies with UN

Food for the Hungry
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PHOENIX, AZ, February 7, 2006 -- As a result of the violent reactions across the world to the controversial cartoons published in many Western media outlets the Food for the Hungry Emergency Relief Team (ERT) has been forced to withdraw its staff from the forward field locations in and around the city of Muzaffarabad, Pakistan due to insecurity.

Security specialists with the United Nations and other international organizations have urged all foreign relief personnel to return to the capital and to maintain a low profile until calmness has been restored.

The unrest is extremely frustrating to the Relief Unit because large scale distributions were planned for this week which would have served hundreds of families who desperately need life sustaining supplies. The FH Emergency Response Team requests prayer for safety as the situation in Pakistan is troubling.

We will continue to update you on the conditions surrounding Pakistan.

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