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Education Needs Assessment: Bardarash Camp, Bardarash Sub-District, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, March 2017

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Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH) undertook an Education Needs Assessment in Bardarash Camp from the 6th to the 13th of March 2017. The assessment was carried out by TGH Child Protection and Education in Emergency (EiE) Mobile Team, using kobo software. The aim was to establish an overall picture of the Education situation in the camp, gathering information on the existing Education system (number of schools; school attendance of the children; capacity of the education personnel; quality of teaching provided to the children), looking further into the issue of out-of-school children and identi-fying gaps and required support to improve the Education system in the camp.

A. Methodology

• In order to get an accurate overview of the existing Education needs in the camp, the following methodology has been used: 376 households have been interviewed around the different sec-tors of the camp, using an Education questionnaire, in order to identify Education needs, spe-cific issues and available/missing services.
• The camp manager has also been interviewed, using a Key Informant questionnaire to gather information on Education services provided in camp (access to such services, quality, needs and existing support).
• Finally, to focus on school functioning and Education access and needs, the School Principals of the two schools have been interviewed.
• In addition, some qualitative information have also been collected by the team and used to corroborate and develop findings of the assessment.

In order to get a representative sample, the number of households to interview was calculated based on the following settings:

Size of the population: 2192 Households
Confidence Interval: 5%
Sample size: 327
Confidence level: 95%

B. Context

Bardarash Camp is located about 7 km away from Bardarash City Center, on the road connecting Mosul to Akre. The camp, created in 2014 to host newly displaced people from Mosul area belongs to Dohuk Governorate. For further details on the location of the camp, please refer to the GPS Coordinates of Bardarash Camp: 36° 29' 35.34" N, 43° 34' 1.81" E.

Over the summer and fall of 2014, the Municipality of Bardarash faced massive arrivals of IDPs, fleeing the fights and the progression of ISIS in the East and North countryside around Mosul. To respond to the challenge of massive population influx, a transit camp was first established. Yet, as the people continued to come, the Federal Government of Iraq decided to fund the construction of Bardarash Camp in order to host them in a more adapted and secure space. The camp was designed to host 3,000 families (around 18,000 individuals).