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TaiwanICDF Partners with Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital to Protect Maternal and Neonatal Health in Burkina Faso

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The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital will work in partnership with Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Health to implement the Maternal and Neonatal Health Care Improvement Project in order to enhance the institutional capacity of medical care units and to improve the quality of maternal and neonatal health care by using Taiwan’s advantages in the public health and medical field. This project is expected to start in April 2017.

Due to limited health care services in Burkina Faso, the country is struggling with high maternal and neonatal mortality rates and the health conditions of pregnant women, postpartum mothers and children are in urgent need of improvement. In conjunction with the national health development policies of Burkina Faso and Taiwan’s abundant experience in the field of maternal and child care, the TaiwanICDF and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital will jointly implement the Maternal and Neonatal Health Care Improvement Project in Burkina Faso. The TaiwanICDF will dispatch on-site project manager to monitor the progress of the project, and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital will be responsible for organizing the training courses for Burkina Faso’s health personnel in Taiwan, and dispatching consultants to Burkina Faso to assist and monitor the seed teachers when they conduct workshops for local health care personnel as well as to provide professional advice. Ultimately, the project aims to provide necessary health care for pregnant women and newborns in Burkina Faso through building the capacity of caregivers and upgrading the functions of health care units.

Throughout the years, the TaiwanICDF has proactively responded to the needs of partner countries to assist in improving their governmental health care systems. In cooperation with hospitals and medical institutions in Taiwan, the TaiwanICDF has implemented various public health and medical projects with a focus on a number of specialized fields, including: maternal and infant healthcare; the prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases; the prevention of chronic diseases; and the expansion of health information systems.