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Annual report 2016 on North Africa (MAA82001)

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The Government of Tunisia extended every month the state of emergency declared after November 2015 attack on elite presidential guards in the capital. The state of emergency confers exceptional powers on Tunisian authorities, notably to forbid strikes and public gatherings, close movie theatres and control the press.

The fragile political situation in Libya continue to have an impact on the security situation in Tunisia.

In Egypt, the situation remains tensed in North Sinai Governorate with regular security incidents affecting greater Cairo and the Nile Delta.

A suicide bomb occurred in Saint Marks Cathedral, Cairo´s largest church and seat of the Coptic Christian papacy in Cairo, carried out on 11 December. At least 25 people were killed and 50 other injured.
Although majority of militant attacks remain concentrated in the Northern Sinai Peninsula, some groups have carry out attacks in the Greater Cairo and Nile Delta.

Security forces in Algeria continue to undertake counterterrorism raids throughout the country, particularly in the wooded and mountainous areas of the Kabyle region.