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Norwegian Crown Prince Couple's fund to Right To Play Uganda

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This year's contribution from the Crown Prince Couple's Humanitarian Fund is going to Right To Play's sport and health project in Uganda. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon presented the grant to president and CEO of Right To Play, Johann Olav Koss, in Trondheim, Norway on August 25, 2005.
The money will be directed to Right To Play's projects in two districts of Uganda Kaberamaido and Soroti. Training for community members to deliver Right To Play programs started in March 2005 where there are 87 Local Coaches active already. The Local Coaches are trained to deliver Right To Play's sport and play modules, which include delivering important health information, such as HIV/AIDS prevention. Right To Play's sport and play programs were developed to meet United Nations development goals to promote education, health, development and peace. Every day Right To Play sees the positive, healing impact sport has on refugee children, former child soldiers, and young people at risk or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Program Empowers Children and Youth

"We are very excited to receive funding for this project in Uganda," said Tania Wybenga, Country Manager, Uganda. "Children and youth in internally displaced peoples camps are significantly disadvantaged, but the Right To Play programs are providing powerful community leadership opportunities for youth as well as opportunities for empowering children and youth through the power of sport and play."

Most of the children and youths who will be participating in the program do not attend school and most are unemployed. This situation causes great problems through the misuse of alcohol and drugs and exposure to HIV/AID risks. However, through Right To Play sport and play programs, children who are disadvantaged by war, poverty or disease, are given the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Right To Play believes that when children play, the world wins.

$75,000 Given to Right To Play Uganda Program

The donation to Right To Play totals, 360.000 NOK ($75,000 CDN). The donation from the Crown Prince Couple's Humanitarian Fund will be directed to funding additional sport equipment for the Uganda project, and ensuring further training of Local Coaches. By expanding these project resources, the program will be able to reach even more children and youth.

"This is a significant donation to Right To Play," said Johann Koss, President and CEO of Right To Play. "The new funding will provide Right To Play with the means to expand the program and reach additional children in the eastern region of Uganda. We're very honoured to be receiving these funds."

The Crown Prince Couple's Humanitarian Fund was established in honour of the royal couple's wedding in August 2001 in Trondheim, Norway to support national and international volunteer-based humanitarian projects.