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Yemen: Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM) - 12th Report - Executive Summary - January 2017 [EN/AR]

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CONFLICT RELATED: The 12th TFPM identifies, in connection with the ongoing conflict, 2,007,216 internally displaced persons (IDPs) across 21 governorates; the majority, 50%, are displaced in Hajjah, Taizz, Amanat Al Asimah and Sana’a. The TFPM has identified 1,027,674 returnees in 19 governorates; the majority, 68%, have returned to Aden, Amanat Al Asimah and Taizz.

NATURAL DISASTER RELATED: The 12th TFPM Report also provides figures on displaced and returnee populations in relation to displacement due to natural disasters. As of November 2016, 17,844 individuals remain in displacement owing to natural even


This is the 12th report of the Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM), which is a Technical Working Group of the Yemen Protection Cluster. The report details the latest snapshot on displacement and return in Yemen providing indicative findings related to displacement/return trends, area of origin, duration of displacement, shelter situation and top priority needs.

The data used for the 12th report was collected through October and November, 2016. The TFPM collects data in monthly cycles to monitor trends and provide a further comparative basis for analysis. For this reason, since the publication of the 11th report there have been two ‘rounds’ of data collection supporting the validation of the statistics published in this report.

The 12th report identifies 18,582 unique locations that host IDP populations through interviews with Key Informants (KI) from an extensive network developed and maintained over the operational life cycle of the TFPM. This community level information was provided by 22,985 KI with the assistance of whom 19,011 Area Assessments were completed covering 98.5% of the 333 districts throughout the 22 governorates of Yemen. The districts not covered were: Al Dhaher, Ghamr, Haydan,
Monabbih, Qatabir and Shada’a in the governorate of Sa’ada.