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Core competency: Community infrastructure fact sheet

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CHF Infrastructure Highlights Since 1995
- Completed more than 144 infrastructure and community service projects valued at US$21 million in Gaza and the West Bank.

- Implemented infrastructure upgrading projects in 78 communities in Yemen, such as: irrigation systems, water networks, environmental education training, computer technology training and watershed protection tree plantings.

- Invested US$1.5 million for the maintenance of 430 kilometers of secondary roads in Bolivia

- Implemented infrastructure revitalization initiatives in fives slums in Ahmedabad, India.

Strengthening Communities through Planned Infrastructure

CHF brings experience and skills working with communities, municipal officials, business associations, agricultural cooperatives, NGOs and civil society groups to bear on all of our infrastructure projects. Our goal is to help these groups mobilize, identify and develop project priorities and plans, and garner resources that will result in substantial growth in infrastructure and economic improvement projects. These physical improvements directly benefit businesses and industries, while also increasing the level of participation and ownership of facilities by their members.

Importantly, our projects are built in partnership with community leaders, who are trained in project design, contract negotiation, quality control, finance, contract management and construction operations to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our infrastructure projects include the construction and repair of:

- Bridges

- Roads

- Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems

- Irrigation Systems (dams, diversions and canals)

- Market Structures

- Agricultural Storage Facilities

- Greenhouses

- Medical Clinics

- Schools and Community Centers

- Water and Sanitation (pipelines, pump stations, treatment plants, reservoirs, solid waste disposal).

Sample Projects

Road Construction in Afghanistan - In collaboration with 15 rural communities, 29 kilometers of new roads have been constructed in Afghanistan. The project raised nearly US$20,000 in community labor and material contributions, and enabled 60,500 people to have better access to schools, markets and health facilities. Furthermore, our programs employed over 1,400 laborers and injected over US$465,000 into the local economy. In conjunction with associated side projects (e.g. well construction, irrigation system rehabilitation, school construction and refurbishment), CHF was also able to generate nearly 22,750 days of community contributed labor.

Revitalizing Public Parks in Palestine - CHF International is implementing a 12-month program that is building and revitalizing 16 parks throughout the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank. In addition to providing enhanced recreational access and an improved quality of life for over 800,000 community members, the Palestinian American Recreation and Conservation Services Project (PARCS) is providing residents with immediate employment opportunities through construction and revitalization projects.

CHF International's Experience in Community-Based Infrastructure Development

Afghanistan - Our programs are addressing crucial shelter, education, and health needs in Afghanistan. They are targeting local governance and providing meaningful support for local economic reactivation, job creation, women's opportunities, infrastructure repair, and the resettlement of displaced families and refugees. The programs are providing materials for 2,400 families to improve their existing homes, 17 schools to be repaired or constructed, 99 new wells to be built for safe drinking water, and 75 irrigation systems repaired to stimulate agricultural activity.

Gaza/West Bank - For almost a decade, CHF's programs have been successfully repairing thousands of Palestinian homes, creating countless of hours of construction employment and injecting vital economic resources into the Palestinian economy. We have recently launched a 12-month program funded by the US Agency for International Development that will build and revitalize at least 16 parks throughout the Palestinian territories. All facilities created and upgraded through the project provide residents with recreational areas that will ensure access for physically challenged community members, while protecting the environment and creatively using local resources.

Georgia - CHF International's programs in Georgia have been developed specifically to improve essential infrastructure services and to generate income for people in over 400 small, mostly rural communities. Community members are taking leadership roles, working to prioritize and implement demand-driven economic and social projects that generate income and create long-term jobs for local citizens. Together, these groups have completed nearly 1,000 community investment projects, ranging in value from US$3,000 to US$25,000, and have created and sustained over 4,000 long-term jobs. Most recently, CHF provided vital assistance to flood victims in western Georgia. Emergency kits have been distributed to help local residents start rebuilding their lives.

India - The Sahbhagi Yojana 2 Support Project (SY2SP) was initiated in November 2003, in partnership with the Gujarat Ma-hila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT), an organization within India's world renowned Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA). This three-year, US$10 million project is increasing the capacity of the SEWA Network in implementing a high profile urban slum upgrading project in Ahmedabad. SY2SP is improving the living conditions of families of 150 slums (roughly 28,500 households). CHF is strengthening the technical, financial and managerial capacity of MHT and its SEWA affiliates. This program is serving as a model for replicating innovative public-private partnerships for urban development in other parts of India and around the world.

Serbia - Our programs aim to revitalize the infrastructure and social and economic conditions in over 100 communities in southern and eastern Serbia with democratic participation and leadership as key ingredients. These communities are planning, managing, and implementing over 400 projects, including repairing water systems, reconstructing schools, and building roads. The success of these processes has encouraged municipal and regional leadership to begin to engage in the process, or otherwise risk becoming irrelevant to their constituencies. Our program operation centers throughout southeastern Serbia manage projects that are renovating cultural centers and primary schools, constructing bridges, improving and purifying water supplies, creating and expanding sewer and waste systems and developing electricity and lighting systems.

Sri Lanka - Immediately following the December 26, 2004 massive earthquake and tsunamis that killed over 150,000 people throughout South and Southeast Asia, CHF International mobilized its disaster response experts and launched relief and reconstruction efforts in Sri Lanka. CHF implemented the Recovery Assistance for Southern Sri Lanka (RASSL) program, which is providing displaced families with 500 temporary shelters, 3,000 transitional shelters and 32 community-wide infrastructure projects. These include helping families and communities by providing temporary classrooms; repairing key markets and facilities; removing and collecting debris; managing solid waste; recycling and constructing latrines. Sanitary latrines have been provided for every five families, which proved essential in alleviating the spread of disease, a major risk following