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Tajikistan: Flash floods DREF Operation Final Report n° MDRTJ024

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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

At least four people were killed and thousands were affected by flash floods occurred as a result of heavy rains and strong winds on 9-12 May 2016 in nine districts of Tajikistan. According to the feedback and reports received from the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan`s (RCST) response teams and Governmental Emergency Committee sources, some 1,598 households were affected countrywide.

The affected population`s houses were partially or totally damaged and they lost their food stocks and home properties as well. Storage buildings, stocks for cooking/heating (e.g. firewood), cooking utensils and bedding/clothes of the most affected households were destroyed or lost. The disaster caused significant damage to agricultural fields, bridges and local infrastructure as well. Hundreds of livestock had been killed.. Some 1,500 people, including women and children in Rudaky district were evacuated by the Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) and local authorities to safer places at their relative’s houses and in public facilities. The Dushanbe – Khorog highway had also been closed due to flooding/mudflow at several junctures.