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Hurricane in Haiti: People with Disabilities Are Left Behind

AAR Japan
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Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan) Emergency Assistance Team (Kazuya OMURO and Asako IKEGAMI) is providing aid and relief to people affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. The AAR Japan team is currently in Jérémie district in Grand'Anse Province and Les Cayes district in South Province, areas heavily affected by the hurricane, to conduct damage assessment and deliver aid supply.

incomplete assistance

Jeremie District was heavily affected by the hurricane, with many roofs blown off the buildings.

Agriculture was heavily damaged as well. Many people have lost their livelihood as majority of the population outside the city make a living from their land.

After conducting hearings, AAR Japan found that People with Disabilities (PWDs) had difficulty in obtaining information about distribution, and thus, aid supplies were not reaching them. Currently, AAR Japan, in cooperation with local PWDs groups, is conducting a needs assessment.

In parallel to the needs assessment, the AAR Japan team is procuring aid supplies such as provisions and hygiene products at the capital city, Port-au-Prince, to distribute to PWDs. AAR Japan staff are due to transport collected aid supplies in Port-au-Prince to a warehouse in Les Cayes.

As news of deterioration of law and order and riots occurring at distribution centers organizes by another NGO, comes in.

AAR Japan will continue to conduct needs based surveys and deliver aid supplies under strict security measures. Furthermore, AAR Japan carefully considers distribution centers to avoid any disorder. Please continue to support our emergency fund.