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Nauru welcomes US refugee resettlement

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Govt. Nauru
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The Government of Nauru has welcomed news that refugees on the island will be resettled in the United States and has commended the Australian Government for its handling of the process.

Minister for Justice David Adeang said while the Government has consistently sought to correct false reports about conditions and safety of the refugees, it has also always stated the need to find suitable third countries for permanent resettlement.

"Under the original agreement Nauru was only ever a temporary home, and this has been a focus of our discussions with Australia for a long time.

"Finding appropriate countries is a key part of the success of the refugee processing and temporary settlement arrangements."

Mr Adeang said refugees need to know they have a pathway to rebuild their lives, and he expected a positive response from them.

"Hope is very powerful and we all need it. It is important for those on Nauru who know they are here temporarily to have hope of a new start in a country with opportunities to build careers, families and lives."

He also said the Government recognised that some refugees have successfully adapted to life on the island and have built successful businesses.

"These people may wish to stay, and they will have the option of 20-year visas."

The minister said the Government will work closely with Australian and US authorities to ensure a smooth transition.