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Hurricane in Haiti: Distributing Aid Supplies

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AAR Japan
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Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan) Emergency Assistance Team (Kazuya OMURO and Asako IKEGAMI) continues to conduct needs assessment and collect aid supplies for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Jérémie District in Grand'Anse Province and Les Cayes District in South Province, areas heavily affected by the hurricane.

On October 29th, AAR distributed aid supplies to 175 households at an elementary school in Jérémie district. AAR Japan targets PWDs in its food distribution, as they face difficulties in obtaining aid supplies. To prevent any chaos, AAR first provides vouchers, which will later be exchanged for aid supplies on distribution day.

Provisions: rice (10kg), water (1.5L plastic bottle x 26 bottles), salt (1kg), beans (500g), cooking oil (1L), sugar (1lb) , pasta (2 bags), sausages (1 can), fish can (1 can), tomato sauce (1can), biscuit (1 box) and coffee (1 can) Hygiene Products: sanitary products (3 boxes), toilet paper (3 rolls), soap (3), toothpaste (1 tube), toothbrush (4), Other: Plastic Sheet (1), bucket (1), zip lock bag (1 box), water purification tablets (30 bags), mosquito nets (1) and bug spray (1 bottle)

Even though aid distribution was scheduled to begin at 8 AM, people queued as early as 5 AM. They were very appreciative to receiive aid supplies. AAR Japan is planning its next distribution to PWD groups in Les Cayes district. Under strict security measures, AAR Japan continues to conduct needs based surveys and delivery of aid supplies. Please continue to support our emergency fund.