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Post-eruption of Sinabung: 190.6 Billion Rupiah Handed over to Karo Govt. for 1,683 Families

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JAKARTA - National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) continues supporting for affected families due to volcano eruption of Sinabung in Karo, Sumatera Utara. Sinabung does not stop erupting since being active in June 2013 until now. Even it erupted by spowing out nine times of pyroclastic flow on Tuesday (1/11).

Due to impact of existing eruption, thousands of people are still in evacuation. There are two categories of evacuees, i.e. those who should be relocated and temporarily evacuated. Main durable solution is availability of land. It is difficult to find land which slowing the relocation process.

Therefore, durable solutions for evacuess are divided into three parts as follow:

First, 370 households (HH) from 3 villages within radius of 3 km (Bekerah, Simacem, and Sukemeriah) have been relocated in Siosar. People have settled in their permanent houses (huntap) equipped with public fasilities. Besides, Ministry of Environment and Forestry already issued a permit for each family to use the 0,5 ha of land for 20 years period. Government is still going to support by using rehabilitation and reconstruction fund for livelihood such as social economic sector. BNPB already proposed some budget which is still being process to be approved by Ministry of Finance.

Second, it is independent relocation for 1.903 HH which is supported rehabilitation and reconstruction fund of 2015. BNPB has allocated Rp 190,6 billion as requested by Karo Regent, based on the Official Letter of Local Government of Karo (by name by address). The grant has been transferes to Karo local budget (APBN) in December 2015. The fund is used for permanent housings of 1.683 HH. But afterwards, Karo Government revised number of targeted beneficiaries at the beginning of the second phase of relocation. Additional 221 HH makes total number of beneficiaries is becoming 1.903 HH. BNPB has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Finance for additional fund regarding with the additional number of beneciaries. Implementation of fund will be in 2016/2017 and be verified and validated by BNPB.

It is reported that the 651 HH has determined to select location for their houses. Relocation program is supported with community development. The rest of households are still waiting for land availability.

Relocation site in Siosar is still able to accomodate 900 families, whereas land availability is for 600 families. It is expected that the land is ready in December 2016. Meanwhile, building housings will continue to the following year.

While waiting for the houses, evacuees are still being supported for renting houses. Rent cost is allocated from on-call budget.

Total assistance of independent relocation Rp 110 million per family consisting of funding a home valued at Rp 59.4 million per household and farm land assistance valued Rp 50.6 million per family.

Third is management of evacuees of 2.592 households who are currently in 9 shelters. They are not being relocated but they have to be evacuated. They are allowed to return back homes if the status of the volcano is normal. But no one knows when the volcano will be normal or not eruption.

BNPB is still in a process to build temporary shelters in 6 locations. It is requiered for those still living at barracks. The temporary shelter will be provided for each family.

Handling evacueea is complicated. In addition to the volcano which is still erupting, limited land for relocation and farmland, also due to the limited capacity at the provincial Karo. Social conflicts between evacuees with the authorities and the local residents is also more difficult in the handling of the evacuees.

The key is the availability of land. If land is available, the relocation process for permanent houses and agricultural land can be processed immediately. Because the evacuees are willing to settle down. Budget of BNPB is also available, including other supports from the local governtment.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre