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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Humpreys - Return does not solely depend on the reconstruction of houses

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Govt. BiH
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SARAJEVO, June 13 (FENA) - Thanks to 71.000 Euro in financial assistance provided by the EU the Refugee Return Service (RRS) successfully implemented the "Know Your Rights" project which was aimed at helping and informing returnees in Glamoc, Drvar, Bosansko Grahovo, Bosanski Petrovac and Sanski Most municipalities.
RRS Executive Director Boris Delic told a press conference in Sarajevo on Monday that returnees were informed about procedures for receiving certain documents in order warn them about the consequences of not registering as unemployed persons, not receiving health insurance and not transferring pensions.

The number of people in the target groups is estimated at 20.000.

Head of the European Commission Delegation to BiH Michael Humphreys said that the receivers of this program are very important for the European Commission, which is actively involved in the return process and the development of civic society.

The European Union is spending large funds on the reconstruction of houses, but much more effort is need for the success of the return process because it does not depend solely on the reconstructions of houses and this is why initiatives such as this one are so important, Humphreys said.

He said that the "Know Your Rights" project was aimed at helping returnees use their rights in ensuring that they stay in their communities.

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