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QRCS Delivers Renovated Houses to Flood-Stricken Families in Malaysia

Qatar Red Crescent
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November 1 st , 2016 ― Doha: Under the recovery program for victims of the floods that swept western Malaysia in December 2014, Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has renovated and handed a number of houses over to the beneficiary families in an official ceremony with the partner MERCY Malaysia.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Khaled Diab, Director of Relief & International Development Department, QRCS.

The purpose of the project was to ensure that the flood-affected communities fulfill their basic needs and restore their livelihoods, by providing them with shelter repair kits and technical advice, so that their houses are safe and livable again.

Over the course of the project, tools and supplies were distributed to 68 homeless families in 17 towns of Kuala Krai District, the State of Kelantan, to rebuild their homes damaged by the floods.

Among the challenges that faced the project team were the bad weather conditions, lack of qualified labor, and remote locations of the targeted houses.

In December 2014, several states in Peninsular Malaysia experienced unprecedented and severe flooding. The State of Kelantan was one of the worst affected states, with an estimated 232,913 people evacuated into shelters. The floods devastated thousands of homes, and possessions and livelihoods were washed away.

As Kelantan is one of least developed states in Malaysia, with the country's highest poverty rate of 2.7%, the ability to recover from the devastating impact of the flood has been a long and difficult road.

MERCY Malaysia is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing medical relief, sustainable health-related development, and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities in both crisis and non-crisis situations. The organization relies on funding and donations from organizations and generous individuals to continue its services and provide humanitarian assistance to beneficiaries.