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Situation Report Yellow Fever, 9 September 2016

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 Angola epidemiological update (as of 1 September):

  • There have been no new confirmed cases since 23 June.

 Phase I of the preventive vaccination campaign in Angola was completed and, as of 1 September, 2 807 628 people had been vaccinated. Phase II of the campaign is being prepared and will target more than three million people in 12 provinces.

 Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC) epidemiological update (as of 8 September):

  • There have been no confirmed cases related to the current outbreak since 12 July.

  • The first notified case reported in Bominenge Health Zone in Sud Ubangi province is still under investigation. A second case was notified from Budjala Health Zone, a different zone within Sud Ubangui province, in the week to 8 September and is being investigated.

 The pre-emptive vaccination campaign in DRC has concluded. The preliminary results indicate that the administrative immunization coverage reached 103.1% in Kinshasa, 101% in Kasai Central, 98.3% in Kongo Central, 101% in Kasai, 101% in Kwango, and 100.8% in Lualaba. Independent monitoring assessed that vaccination coverage is 98.2% in Kinshasa.

 Uganda declared the end of their yellow fever outbreak on 6 September 2016. This outbreak was not linked to the outbreak in Angola and DRC.