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Lao People's Democratic Republic - Consolidated Livelihood Exercise for Analyzing Resilience (CLEAR), September 2016

República Democrática Popular Lao
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Key Messages

  • Livelihoods in Lao PDR are diverse owing to a complex topography and the flows of the Mekong River basin. Over 40 unique livelihood groups exist in the country, each with a unique resilience profile.

  • The livelihoods with greatest climate resilience are those with sufficient access to financial capital (and wealth) and land, those which are highly diversified, and those which do not rely on rainfed agriculture. Focusing on activities linked to these characteristics will enhance community resilience.

  • Generally, livelihoods dependent on highland paddy are among the least resilient in part due to the rugged terrain and remoteness which limits access to land and additional livelihood activities. Communities dependent on highland paddy are also among the most severely affected by climate -related risks.