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The impact of fragile infrastructure in extreme natural events

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The World Risk Report 2016 analyses the role that infrastructure plays in shaping a country’s disaster risk. The World Risk Index, calculated by the University of Stuttgart, is an integral part of the report as it ranks 171 countries according to their risk of becoming a victim of a disaster as a result of natural hazards such as floods, cyclones, or earthquakes.

In fact, the World Risk Index intends to give answers to the following questions:

  • How likely is an extreme natural event, and will it affect people?

  • How vulnerable are people to natural hazards?

  • To what extent can societies cope with acute disasters?

  • Is a society taking preventive measures to face natural hazards to be reckoned with in the future?

In addition, this report focusing on logistics and infrastructure, discusses the following topics:

  • infrastructure as a risk factor;

  • opportunities and limits of information technologies in humanitarian logistics;

  • coordination and conflicts of interests in humanitarian logistics.