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Yemen: CCCM Factsheet – May 2016

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Despite varying lengths of displacement, continuing escalation of the conflict, and its shift to new locations has added further strain on the already precarious humanitarian situation. This has a considerable negative impact on the vulnerabilities of IDPs, host communities and other affected communities and has severely challenged humanitarian access. The number of IDPs in Yemen currently stands at 363,236 households which is close to five times the number of IDPs since the worsening of the conflict in March 2015 as a result of the ongoing conflict and the recent heavy rain. The humanitarian situation remains volatile with continued multiple internal displacement in addition to a prolonged emergency which has deepened existing vulnerabilities, and depleted the coping mechanisms of both IDP and host community households. This situation has exhausted the life and the savings of the Yemeni population in general and IDPs in particular making it extremely difficult to meet their day-to-day expenses. Also the number of IDPs who choose to return to their areas of origin in locations that have seen improvement in the security situation increased to 137,325 households and they require support to re-establish their lives.

Recognizing the unprecedented scale of displacement in Yemen, the Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster will continue to prioritize the protection of IDPs in all phases of displacement (before, during, after) with a particular focus on safe and dignified shelter and monitoring the displacement areas. Rehabilitation of collective centers, damaged/ destroyed houses and support for IDPs in host families and rental accommodation (over 70% of IDPs) are critical priorities. The prolonged nature of the displacement is exposing both the IDPs and host families to heightened vulnerability. However the Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster remains only 7% funded till date.


During the month of May, the Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster distributed 10,334 Non-Food Items Kits and 807 Emergency Shelter Kits in Amran, Marib, Dhamar, Hajjah, Taizz and other seven Governorates.

Also the Cluster assisted 60 HHs with cash for rental subsidies in Aden, Hadramaut and Taizz Governorates. In addition, the Cluster have completed the rehabilitation work in 7 IDPs collective centers in Hajjah, Taizz and Al Hudaydah Governorates.