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Murgab Earthquake Response Recovery Framework - Dushanbe, June 2016

UNCT Tajikistan
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REACT Tajikistan with support from the Disaster Risk Management Program, UNDP Tajikistan

1. Purpose

This Murgab Earthquake Recovery Framework provides a guide for recovery from the 2015 Murgab earthquake affecting eastern Tajikistan. The Framework incorporates global good practices and is for use by the humanitarian community together with the Government of Tajikistan.

Given the scale of the disaster and stage of recovery efforts, this Framework does not provide a detailed recovery plan with specific project summaries (e.g., as defined in the REACT Recovery Framework) but identifies key factors to be considered as part of the recovery process.

The Framework draws on the REACT Recovery Framework and the draft Government of Tajikistan Recovery Guide, the Sphere Standards for Humanitarian Assistance and other recovery guidance. Elements of the Framework will be revised as additional information is available.