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Media Statement from the Office of the Special Envoy for Syria, 27 April 2016 [EN/AR]

UN Special Envoy for Syria
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Geneva (27 April 2016) - The Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has just briefed the Security Council via video conference on the conclusion earlier today of this round of Intra-Syrian Talks convened on the basis of Security Council resolution 2254. These Talks ran from 13 to 27 April in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. de Mistura is also releasing a mediator´s summary outlining the process and substance of this round of Talks, which focused on an agenda of political transition and the establishment of an inclusive transitional governance.

“The Syrian parties have now accepted the need for a political transition that will be overseen by a new and inclusive transitional governance that replaces the present governance arrangements in Syria,” said Mr. de Mistura. He added however, that substantial gaps remain between the parties´ respective visions of the transition and that there is a need to go into further detail with them to ensure a credible and inclusive transition.

Mr. de Mistura also noted with alarm the increasing level of violence in Syria over the last two weeks and said that this and the continuing grave humanitarian situation on the ground, despite some modest but real progress, had impacted the conduct of this round of Talks.

Describing the nationwide cessation of hostilities as a precious achievement that has saved numerous Syrian lives and given credibility to the political track, Mr. de Mistura said that it must be urgently protected and reinforced. The Special Envoy further emphasised the life or death importance of regular and sustained humanitarian access to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Syrians. In this respect, he stressed the importance of those with influence over the parties to press for safe and unhindered access by UN inter-agency convoys to all besieged and hard to reach areas, including but not limited to the towns of Douma, Darraya, Madamiyet Elsham and East Harasta.

For these reasons, and to take stock of the outcomes from this round of Intra-Syrian Talks, Mr. de Mistura recommended to the Security Council that a meeting of the International Syria Support Group should be held in the near future.