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Education on mine danger in Okučani

Govt. Croatia
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On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, at the community center in Okučani in Brod-Posavina County, a tribune ˝Less arms, less tragedies˝ was held. The tribune was organized by Brod-Posavina Police Department, Okučani Police Department, Croatian Mine Action Centre and Committee for the prevention of Okučani municipality. Citizens of Okučani and students from the elementary school Okučani and Dragalić together with their teachers, as well as employees of Croatian Forests showed the interest for this action. At the tribune, data on the number of committed and seized weapons and explosive devices within the area of the Brod-Posavina Police Department, during the past year and in the two months of this year, were presented by the chief of the Okučani Police Department, Zrinko Kapetanić. Marta Kovačić, employee of the Croatian Mine Action Centre and senior adviser for education on the mine danger and mine victim assistance, held the presentation on mine danger and mine victim assistance. During education all citizens as well as employees who are employed in the Croatian Forests were able to get the current data on mine suspected areas as well as on demining projects that are in progress.