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Building Resilient Communities – A Top Priority for the EU Flood Recovery Programme: New 7-million-euro project to help mitigate flood risks

Северная Македония
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Skopje, 4 April 2016: The European Union Delegation signed the second contract within the frame of the major EU Flood Recovery Programme.

The Programme, funded in the amount of 10 million euros, has been designed to help the country overcome the damage caused by flooding in 2015 and to reconstruct and upgrade the country’s flood prevention infrastructure over the next two and a half years.

The second contract comprises a 7-million-euro project to support the implementation of priority measures to mitigate the risk of floods in some of the country’s most affected areas. The first 3-million euro project, signed on 11 December 2015, focuses on the reconstruction of damaged roads and bridges, and its implementation is already in progress.

Funded by the EU, implemented by UNDP, this project will target damaged water infrastructure in six locations in the East, West, Southeast and Pelagonija regions, restoring regulated riverbeds and drainage systems in the Crna Reka and Strumica river basins and reconstructing and improving the management of the four priority dams of Mavrovica, Slatina, Drenska Reka and Lipa.

In addition to reconstruction works, the project will provide support to relevant authorities in applying new approaches for improved management of the repaired structures, maximizing their future use in flood control.

The “building back better” approach will be used to maximize resilience to future floods and mitigate the risk of floods in priority sensitive regions of the country.

The project will be implemented in close partnership with the local governments of the affected areas, the Secretariat for European Integration, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Water Management Organization.