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Adoption of three new chapters of Mine Action Standard for Land Release, the new approach in solving the mine problem

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Govt. BiH
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Sarajevo, 28.1.2016

Land Release is consistent with international standards for humanitarian demining or IMAS, which aims to be the most economical and efficient way to return the users as much of the suspect area in the shortest possible time and to clean only confirmed areas containing mines and explosive devices.

Land Release Project is funded by the EU (IPA 2011), with the plan to return to the use of about 53 km2 in 2016, through 10 pilot projects so far developed.

The advantage of the new method is that most of these suspected areas will be treated by non-technical methods, or additional analysis and data collection in the field, while the technical methods will be used only for those areas with confirmed mine indicators, which will result in reduced costs and saving time. One of the objectives defined in the project IPA 2011 Land release, is to develop technical regulations, according to which the problem of mines in BiH in the future will be dealt by using Land Release concept. In this way, in 2014 and 2015 as part of the IPA 2011 Land release, and by order of Demining Commission in BiH, three chapters of the new Standards for mine action in Bosnia and Herzegovina were developed including chapters for land release, non-technical survey and Technical Survey. Chapters were drafted by BHMAC in cooperation with UNDP BiH and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). After referring to the public debate, and harmonizating it with the opinions submitted by the accredited demining organizations and other participants in mine action process, these chapters were adopted on 27.01.2016. by Demining Commission in BiH.

The adoption and application of these standards will certainly improve the current system of mine action, and thereby speed up the solving of this long-term problem, and fulfilling strategic goals and international commitments.